How to enter a new market the right way: the digital approach

29 | April | 2015

Author: Álex Gargallo

When entering a new market there are certain things we tend to forget, even when they are pretty obvious. These things can be as important as researching our target market before entering into it, or having a clear digital marketing strategy. Although it’s clear that selling will probably take up most of our time at the beginning; a good digital marketing strategy can actually help us to reinforce our sales, as well as help us to generate buzz and build a community. These are really important aspects when entering a new market!

Here you’ll find an overview of the things you are going to need in order to successfully enter a new market:

1. Create an attractive website:

  • Use pictures taken by a professional photographer (or you can also buy professional stock images)
  • The texts should be written by a native speaker (do not translate them from Spanish/French/etc. to English)
  • Use a local hosting service in your new country. Pay special attention toSEO.
  • Be consistent and have the same branding (colors, backgrounds, pics, typo) in all your social networks. The same applies to the claim, logo, bio, etc.

2. Define your goal: To sell more or to create awareness about yourtargetbusiness/brand? It will probably be a mix of both.

  • To sell: You will need a more aggressive strategy.
  • To create awareness: You can create a strategy with local bloggers; orcan send information about your product to online media, etc.

3. Learn from your competitors:

  • Who are your competitors? Look them up on social media and pay special attention to:
    • Identify which ones have more visibility. Why?
    • Identify their strategies
    • Follow their work and get inspired

4. Think about your own strategy.You will need to:

  • Have a claim
  • Identify in which social networks you want to be present
  • Prove that you are an expert (Key!) – Blogs are especially helpful to do this. Also case studies and manuals (they don’t need to be long, but sharing relevant content in a nice format helps)
  • Create a content Calendar (Key)
  • Remember that content is king (ALWAYS):
    • Reinforce it with offline activities
    • Attend to conferences or similar events
    • Write posts with relevant content + quality images
    • Be human: Communicate your brand values and show the great team you have behind them
    • Be consistent: You have to write regularly (content calendar helps here). Also, I recommend to have some kind of section that you can update every week and that is personaland connects with the emotional side of the brand (for example: “the pic of the week”)
  • And if content is king, conversation is queen:
    • Participate, share, comment, exchange, etc.


5. Get a good database + a Professional Newsletter:

  • You can buy databases
  • Or, if you have time, can start creating your own (go to events and network; save every email from a possible client, etc.)

6. Have a good attitude and don’t be too hard on yourself:

  • Social media is not an exact science and although some things are kind of basic (visual attracts more than just text, etc.), for many other things you just need to try until you get it right.
  • Don’t get stressed out. You can start with one social network and, once that one works for you, try the next one.
  • While you are getting there, fake it until you make it!

Photo credit: The Art of Social Media via photopin (license)

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