New York TechDay: Review and highlights of the event

05 | May | 2015

Author: Verónica Ruiz


Last week TheLineBtwn attended TechDay 2015, New York’s largest startup event, with over 400 exhibitors and more than 10,000 attendees. As you can imagine, the Pier 92 that was housing the event was crowded all day long.  It was full of young and talented companies with amazing and innovative ideas, investors, journalist and digital marketing professionals like us:).

Although it was our first time attending TechDay, we felt it was an awesome place to show your idea or look for a job in the digital field. It was a great opportunity to meet with professionals from all over the country and to network.

There were plenty of startups that impressed us and called our attention. Even though it is difficult to choose only a few among these enthusiastic, professional and original crowd, these are some of our favorites:

  • Happy: Redefining Happy Hour

Stop running from one bar to another because Happy Hour is ending! Now you have your personal Happy Hour that starts counting on-demand. Thank you guys for this app!

You don’t need to create #yourownhashtageachtimebecauseyousayso! We mean, you can, but try to respect the hashtags already created for events, brands or actions. This website will help you with this!

  • The Take: Movie products in your pocket

If you’ve ever dreamt with wearing that dress Scarlett Johansson wears in her latest movie or going to the restaurant in which the main characters falls in love,The Take will give you the opportunity to find out these and other movie secrets  with your mobile phone or computer.

Because it’s pizza, because it’s simple and because it’s a great idea to have your dinner ready with only pushing a button! Find more information here.

A handbag with a light inside? And with a battery to charge your Smartphone? Yes, now it’s real! These handbags are the experience you’ve been waiting for!

More info:

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